Is Clutter costing you valuable time, energy, and peace of mind..

What if you could better understand your reasons for clutter so you could stop it in it's tracks?

You're not alone...

If you feel like no matter how hard you try, the clutter keeps coming back, you're not alone. I could give you tips & tricks, but here's what I really know. If we don't unpack that deeper reason for why clutter is showing up, it's very hard to maintain a clutter-free home.

The women I work with want to understand themselves better.

They want to understand why they hold onto things, why they can't seem to stay organized and continually create a level of chaos in their home. If you’re tired of clutter and want a peaceful path forward, I’m excited to share my Decode Your Clutter Call.

In your decode your clutter call, you get:


A safe non-judgemental space

to share your frustrations and struggles with clutter. Many women feel judged by their clutter and so don't have a safe space to talk about it.


Deeper understanding of your top 2 reasons

The first you discovered in the quiz and the second we'll uncover together. We'll explore the "why" behind the reasons, which is essential for change.


2 to 3 action steps

to get started on creating space, peace and flow in your home!

No More Overwhelm!

When you decode your clutter you are able to:

  • Understand why your clutter keeps building up so we can create strategies to help you create a clutter-free home.

  • Ditch the overwhelm now that you have a starting point, it wont seem so scary to deal with!

  • Take back control of your clutter so you can create a calm home.

A Note From Louise...

I have spent over 6 years as a Professional Home Organizer creating offerings that are unique and work!

I love to look at the holistic organizing of how you can create space in yourself and your home so you can find the peace and harmony you crave.

It goes beyond the clutter.

You'll learn skills and release the overwhelm so you can be the woman you want to be...rather than who you feel like you "should" be.

Join me on the beginning of a journey of self-love, self-discovery; and unapologetic confidence.  


  • Personalized understanding of your REASONS so you can take back control of your clutter - for good.

  • Being able to declutter and create space without shutting down.

  • Releasing the guilt, overwhelm and struggle you have felt when it comes to dealing with your stuff.

  • Going from chaos to calm in your home and life.


01 - 60 minute call to Decode Your Clutter

We take a deeper look into the reason you discovered during the quiz and uncover your next top reason. Then we will interpret exactly what these reasons are and how they show up in your everyday life. From there we can create your customized 2 to 3 action steps to help kickstart clearing clutter from your home and life.

02 - Recording of the call

There will be some powerful discussions happening in our 60-minute call and you may want to refer back to it! The recording is yours for life

03 - Follow up email with action steps

You will receive a follow-up email within 24hrs with your personalized action steps. This is also a great way for us to check in and find out how things are working for you.

The Best Part?

This call is perfect especially if you don't know

where to start.

My goal is to help you feel heard,

excited and motivated to take action!

Here's What Others Are Saying...

"Thanks Louise.  I really enjoyed the declutter call and your expertise, friendly and straightforward approach.  It really works well for me!  The email summary is great too! I am excited and motivated to declutter, simplify and let others be in charge of their belongings.  I feel much freer already. Thank you so much!

— Alma Eamer

Before Louise, I had stuff everywhere and my normal was chaos. Louise helped me see WHY I was holding on. I thought my stuff held memories, but it doesn’t. With new habits and perspective, my new normal is clean and a lot calmer! She forever changed my life."

— Dawnelad McInnis

I’m really so glad we were able to chat! I really do appreciate your call and advice  

After speaking to you I felt a sense of calm, because I had a starting point.

I don’t know what it was, but you definitely worked some magic on me lol. The last two nights we have eaten dinner as a family at the dining table which we haven’t done for a very long time.

— Liz Brown

Let's Decode Your

Clutter Together.

One time payment;

Regularly $197

  • A safe, non-judgemental space to share your frustrations around clutter and what you desire instead

  • Deeper understanding of your top 2 reasons for your clutter

  • 2 to 3 action steps to get started on creating space in your home

Once you purchase, you will be sent a link within 48hrs to schedule your call.

I can't wait to connect!

Here's to feeling lighter, empowered and ready to take back control,


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